Linux Party

Sunday, Aug 25, 2019| Tags: Linux, Data Science Framework Setup

Idea about Linux? Want to dive into any kind of software development? Interested in Machine Learning? We at Data Science Group and SDS are there to help you setup all your machines to get you started with your journey in the field of Computer Sciences!

See you on Sunday, 25th August | ECE Audi

Update : Thankyou IIT R freshers for showing up in great numbers and making the Linux Party 2019 a huge success.

DSG, SDSLabs and InfoSecIITR will be hosting many more events for R Junta in the coming days. For the people who could not attend, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We are sharing the basic installation guide to help you set up your systems for Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Follow the instructions in the shared doc. Feel free to google things or contact us at or on our facebook page if you face any issues.

Setting Up Data Science Environment Google Doc

Happy Learning!