Intro To Data Science Libraries

Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019| Tags: Machine Learning, Workshop

Greetings IIT R!

We are back with the first workshop of the semester. We would be introducing the basics of python and data science libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn and PyTorch. Get Anaconda installed on your laptops before attending the workshop:

Download the dataset here:

Please bring fully charged laptops!!

6 PM | 4th September | E.C.E Auditorium.

See you there!

Update : Sharing a few photos of the event

Introductory Data Science Workshop for fresher and sophomore students at IIT Roorkee.

It was amazing to see the response from IIT R students yet again, for the workshop on Introduction To Python Data Science Libraries.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and had a nice hands-on experience. We are sharing the notebook for your reference. You can find the solved notebook here:


We’ll be conducting more workshops in the coming days and have a competition planned, so stay tuned and keep learning!